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Field Tested: Tablet-Ex-Gear Pack

A back-pack for your front? OK, I’ll admit, when I first heard of a pack that you wear on your chest, it seemed kind of backwards. But hey, I’m game to try anything new, so I decided to take a look. I’m glad I did. The Tablet Computer Chest Pack that I received from Tablet-Ex-Gear is a really well-made piece of kit, and quickly changed my approach towards carrying and using gear in the field. The system was designed for […]

What’s the best cheap tablet for GPS use?

I’m a sailor. I’m thinking of buying a cheap Android tablet with GPS to use as a chart plotter. Charts are free (in the US anyway). Of course there are dedicated marine chart plotters available, but as every sailor knows, once something is labelled “marine” its cost quadruples. Opinion? Suggestions? Dave Null The best advice on this topic would come from people who have bought a smartphone or tablet, gone somewhere remote, switched it on and timed how long it […]

Which Tablet Is Right For Your Business?

This can be a very challenging question to answer. You will likely know the answer after you have used a tablet computer for several months. And just to make things really challenging whatever you choose will not be the best option in a year because of advances in technology! You can make a good case for the adoption of Android, Apple and Windows tablets. None of them will be a perfect fit and of course the best fit will vary […]

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